Dumfries Freight Are Specialists in bulk tipper haulage of grains, seeds and feeds to/from the UK and Ireland.

We also hold Waste Carrier Certificates, complying with the safe drawing of waste material throughout Ireland and the UK.

We're fully TASCC approved for the responsible movement of grains, animal feed materials and as-grown seeds, and we operate a dedicated fleet of from new trailers, which exclusively handle these products.

Dumfries Freight boasts a constantly updating fleet of modern vehicles and tipper trailer units, with 44 tonne capacity. All of our vehicles are fitted with tracking devices which ensure increased security and complete real-time fleet control.

Investment in the fleet is a major strategy for our growth over the past few years. A well-equipped maintenance department undertakes regular preventative servicing to ensure that no breakdowns occur whilst on the road. A dedicated service vehicle is also available throughout the UK. This has assured reliability to our customers.

Specialising in the carriage of bulk feed, grains and seeds to/from the UK and Ireland, Dumfries Freight operate a dedicated, from new fleet for this exclusive purpose, and we are TASCC approved for the haulage of animal feed materials and as-grown seeds.

We also hold Waste Carrier Certificates for the drawing of waste material throughout Ireland and the UK, ensuring our uncompromising approach to the highest standards of safety and service, and as a separate division of our activities a sister fleet operates with these materials only.

The company have a loyal team of drivers who have years of experience undertaking cross-channel work. They are fully trained in the TASCC Haulage Codes of Practice, and back at base our transport team can accommodate any additional customer requirements.

The company is a member of the Road Haulage Association and carriage of goods are subject to their conditions of carriage.

My team at Dumfries Freight all share our common objective of providing the very best in terms of service and reliability to our customers.
— Paul Lutton, Managing Director, Dumfries Freight

We're The Top Tippers

  • Bulk animal feed

  • As-grown seed

  • Bulk grain

  • Recylables

  • Scrap metals

  • Waste glass